Advocacy Toolkit

2018 Maryland General Assembly

The Maryland General Assembly convenes each year between mid-January and mid-April for 90 days. Maryland has 47 legislative districts, represented by 188 legislators. Each district has one Senator and three Delegates. Legislators serve a four year term.

To find your legislative representatives click 2018 Maryland General Assembly. Next click Who Represents Me? in the top right hand corner. In the pop up box Find my Elected Officials type in your address and zip code and click Find. The list will populate the Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, US Senators, US Representative, State Senator, and State Delegates. Each State legislator’s name is linked to a page with their information, legislation history and biography. The pop up box also gives you the option of contacting your local legislators by clicking Create Message.

Advocacy Materials

How to Find, Track, and Read a Bill
Tips for Successful Legislative Meetings
Tips for Writing Testimony and Testifying Before a Committee
Don’ts for Communicating with a Legislator

Understanding Maryland’s Legislative Structure (Source: Department of Legislative Services)
Legislative Lingo (Source: Department of Legislative Services)
Legislative Process (Source: Department of Legislative Services)